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Sean Duran and Alex Mason

Alex is bent over the chair showing off his raw hole to Sean’s admiring eye…kneeling in front of his twitching hole Sean starts to rim and lick Alex. The action heats up pretty fast when they take turns sucking and 69 with each other on and off the furniture. Alex stays bent over the side of the chair as he is fucked by Sean’s stiff hard cock. They turn the room into their own private fuck parlour as they move about the place…Sean fucks the load straight out of Alex when he cums all over himself after having Sean’s cock up his hole…Sean breeds his nut deep into Alex filling his hole up with his cum. After it’s all done they both share some cum with the other as the kiss and hug to finish it off.

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Nick Moretti and Luca Bondi

The scene opens with Nick's face buried in Luca's crotch as he services his huge uncut Italian tool. They both passionately kiss in between as Luca gets his chance and plants his face into Nick's furry pubes. He shows off his oral talents as he sucks and services Nick's long cut cock. The sex steps into high gear when Nick buries his face deep into Luca's muscle bubble butt. He rims his hole with his long darting tongue while he teases Luca's sphincter with his probing fingers. With Luca's hole twitching and puckering Nick finally slides his long cock into Luca's eager man crack. Nick nails his ass bareback in a variety of positions. He straddles and power fucks Luca's raw butt endlessly as he begs him for more.The scene reaches its climax when Nick shoots his load all over Luca's raw hole as he seeds the rest of his nut deep into him. Luca's ass swallows Nick's cock and the remaining load, eagerly. Nick continues to drill Luca until he fucks the cum out of him. Spraying like a gusher Luca shoots his thick gooey juice all over his muscled chest and twitching pecs. Exhausted, Sweaty, and covered in cum the scene ends with Nick and Luca enjoying a sloppy wet kiss from each other.

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Rocco Steele and Eli Lewis

Gay Asian Sensation and rising Bareback Crossover Star Eli Lewis, gets impaled by Rocco Steele’s mammoth cock in his World Premier and first ever Bareback scene. Eli Lewis had longed for Rocco’s massive cock ever since he 1st saw it on our site…and nothing was going to stop him from offering his Bareback Cherry to Rocco himself. This clip is an EXCLUSIVE as its Eli Lewis’ 1st ever Bareback scene published anywhere online. Rocco takes this boy and rides him deep and raw pounding his eager ass like a seasoned pro. He makes this boy scream and shiver when he pins him up against the wall and pile drives his bare ass hard. Eli cries out in ecstasy begging for every raw inch of Rocco’s shaft…Face down buried in the mattress Eli submits his hole when he is rewarded with a blast Rocco’s hot seed…it’s all that Eli can withstand as he shoots and explodes all over himself…With Rocco’s nut firmly planted into his hole they kiss and embrace mixing their juices together as Eli smiles and thanks Rocco from taking his raw cherry…

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Tommy Deluca Stuffs and Pounds Bareback Bottom Whore Max Cameron With 10-Inch Cock

BarebackThatHole features Tommy Deluca and Max Cameron this week. Tommy is a foul, trash-talking top with 10-inches for the cock hungry power bottom, who takes every last inch like the true whore that he is. But we build up to that. We start off with the two of them standing naked, face-to-face, their cocks rubbing and frotting against each other. Max slides down and services horse-hung Tommy. His lips are soft and pretty and his throat is deep as Tommy makes full use of them. It’s not long before Tommy’s tongue is planted firmly inside Max’s bubble butt, licking, rimming, and priming the twitching hole. The entire time, Max simply begs to ride Tommy’s heavy hanging, huge cock. And when Tommy slowly slides his long pole into his welcoming hole, Max releases all inhibitions. Nothing stands between them but sweat and lubricating ass juice as Tommy stuffs and pounds Max every which way, fucking the whore with his throbbing 10 inches…harder and deeper than any man’s ever fucked Max before. The result? Pure, unadulterated ecstasy, clearly etched onto both their faces. But mostly Max. Now that’s satisfaction!

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Rocco Steele Uses 10×6 Monster Cock To Take Possession Of Draven Torres And His Hole

Sometimes there are no preliminaries. There’s no…slow start, as it were. It’s all about the taking and owning up to what you want. And this week, on BarebackThatHole, what Rocco Steele wants, Rocco gets. But don’t worry. Draven Torres wants it, too. And just as Draven has what Rocco wants, Rocco has what Draven needs. Cock. And lots of it. We’re talking a massive slab of prime, Grade A beef. Rocco takes possession AND ownership of Draven and his hungry fuckhole using his 10×6 monster cock and all Draven can do is yelp as he begs for more. But first, Rocco starts us off…and Draven!…by shoving his face deep between the little Latino’s bubble butt. Rimming the hairy hole, Rocco drives Draven insane with the tip of his tongue, pushing him into a mental zone where pleasure mixes with pain and endorphins rush through the veins, hot and thick. With nothing more than some spit and sweat, Draven slides down and rides Rocco’s incredible meat. And with the contrast in their bodies — Rocco so huge, in all respects, with Draven so diminutive by comparison — Rocco’s dick is e-fucking-NOR-mous! He throws the bareback cock whore on his back and pummels him, driving his raw cock deep into Draven’s aching, hungry hole. His ass proves too much for the buff muscle Top and Rocco fills him up with his seed, leaving Draven to explode and shoots his nut all over himself. Needless to say, Rocco has spoiled Draven for any other man.

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