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Parker Allen and Brutus Hitchcock

Sometimes, couples get out of sync. When that happens, it's important to reconnect and remember what it was about your man that made you want to fuck his brains out. Parker Allen and Brutus Hitchcock heed a friend's advice and fly to Vegas, where they can tune out all distractions and rekindle their intimacy. Now, normally we're completely cool with the wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am sort of fucking we've grown used to. But every once in a while it's equally hot to stop, slow down, and relish each kiss, lick and caress. Tall, tattooed and bearded Brutus takes his sweet time eating out bearded Parker's sweet fuckhole. He’s even more controlled when it comes down to sliding that thick, long, throbbing tool balls deep inside Parker's hungry ass. Brutus keeps his finger on the pulse of Parker's needs, as well as his own, until the hairy little guy can’t hold back any longer, blowing his wad all over Brutus before seeding himself with his man's jizz.

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Emmett Frost and Steve Sommers

Emmett Frost and Steve Sommers were super horny and eager to get at each other. In fact they were already half-dressed by the time the cameras started rolling. They wasted little time in making out, stepping out of their pants and stripping down to their matching jockstraps. The two then took turns sucking each other, with Steve gagging himself on the bearded black bear's cock before mounting and impaling himself, taking Emmett's raw cock. Steve rides Emmett, bouncing up and down, before getting on all fours so Emmett can really pound Steve's hairy white ass. Emmett uses his big black cock to put Steve through his paces as he bareback fucks the grunting, growling power whore. Emmett fucks the cum out of Steve then blows his own seed all over Steve's furry chest, with Steve fingering the puddles and eating Emmett's fresh cum.

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Donnie Dean and Logan Stevens

Bareback Heartthrob Donnie Dean is treated to Logan Steven’s thick uncut cock in this playful flip fuck scene between these two hot studs. They both prove to be a formidable Top and very eager Bottom for one another. It took no time for Donnie to bury his face is Logan’s blonde furry crotch and once his tongue was firmly planted under Logan’s loose foreskin there was no stopping either of them. Sparks ignite when both raw holes are licked, rimmed, sucked, and fucked back and forth over and over again. They both drive each other into a heated frenzy as loads are blasted leaving a sloppy mess for the other to clean up. There is no denying the sexual chemistry between Donnie and Logan…the sex was hot as the passion sizzled…

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European Porn Star Manuel Rokko Fucked Deep, Hard And Raw By Darius Soli

Like your cock fat, with a side of beef? Then feast your eyes on Darius Soli, featured this week on BarebackThatHole with European Porn Star Manuel Rokko. The sexy muscle jock, with a smile that would melt the most frozen and jaded of hearts, sits on the couch with his legs spread wide open, his cock serviced by Manuel. Darius grabs the back of his head and pushes his face deeper into his crotch and the fat dick disappears down Manuel’s throat. Slurping and slobbering as he grabs a quick breath, Manuel shows off his cocksucking skills, available to any beefy, muscled top fucker in need of a blowjob. With Darius’ rock hard pole standing at attention, Manuel then slides down on the raw shaft, his bare hole stretching to accommodate the thick slab. He rides Darius cowboy as he strokes his own cock. Darius pumps himself deep and hard into Manuel’s willing ass. And the only thing the bald Latino can do is beg for more as he takes his pounding. Manuel is thrown face down onto the leather sofa as he gets his gaping butthole pummeled one final time. Darius fucks him with long deep thrusts and blasts a huge nut all over Manuel’s bare and freshly fucked hole, seeding the load into his ass. Manuel oozes, dripping cum as Darius then felches him clean, kissing and feeding Manuel a taste of his load, mingled with his own ass juices.

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Ray Dalton And Kyle Braun Use Cy Cohen As A Fuck Toy

There’s something about being in a bareback 3-way that’s liberating and exhilarating, especially if one of the three is a notorious bottom. And, frankly, regardless of whether or not that person has a reputation as a cum dump, if the chemistry is right, the thrill is in converting that one person into a complete and total cock whore and cum pig, living for that moment, your cock, your seed. This is what Cy Kohen is…at least for this week’s scene from BarebackThatHole. The chemistry is palpable, the connection obvious, as Ray Dalton sticks his fingers into Cy’s twitching ass while he kisses and gropes Kyle Braun. Things are soon heating up in bed and we’re treated to some smoldering threesome action that’s sure to get you stiff and keep your cock nice and hard. Come watch Cy as he’s spit-roasted, tag teamed and used like the bareback fuck toy Ray and Kyle. And just wait until you feast your eyes on Cy, sliding down on BOTH raw cocks at the same time! Yes, the whore gets a DP. But he’s not just double-penetrated. His fuckers go in D-E-E-P! The euphoria on Cy’s face is clear as his ass loosens up to swallow both raw cocks simultaneously. This is one truly gifted fisting power bottom, using the skill and control of his sphincter to keep Ray and Kyle on the edge, milking them. Ray and Kyle fill, stretch, and drill Cy repeatedly, leaving him with a gaping, hungry hole. And even when they reward Cy with their seed, leaving his ass sloppy and dripping and in need of a hot felching, Cy still wants more.

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