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Saul Leinad and Dolf Dietrich

Already hard and super horny, tattooed and bearded muscle hunk Dolf Dietrich waves that fat cock at Saul Leinad, still off-screen. The tall, bald black men wastes little time in approaching and dropping to his knees before the hung white man. Soon, Dolf has his legs up in the air and bearded Saul starts rimming that pink, hungry fuckhole. Dolf returns the favor, sucking on Saul's monster cock and huge balls, and rimming his ass. Watching Saul fuck Dolf's handsome face is a treat! Who knew a mouth could open so wide to take in so much cock? But that's just for starters. The main event, as always, is cock in hole. And this is a mouth watering, hole puckering, cock throbbing experience as far as fucking goes. Saul slides that humongous black monster cock balls deep inside Dolf's pre-lubed hole. Saul bareback fucks Dolf, stretching his ass lips but Dolf can only take so much. So they switch it up, with Dolf straddling Saul and impaling himself. Dolf rides Saul for a bit before pulling himself off Saul's uncut monster slab and tasting his own ass juices on the beefy tool. But he needs more cock. Dolf straddles Saul again and goes for a ride, his own cock fully hard and throbbing. After a while, Saul strokes out a big load while Dolf nearly suffocates him by sitting his ass down right on Saul's face. But once Saul sprays his jizz, Dolf sits back down on that big black cock, seeding himself before feeding Saul a load of his own. Be sure to stick it out 'til the end so you can hear how the models felt about their scene!

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Dalton Hawg and Bo Bangor

It took awhile to get this scene scheduled but it was worth the wait to get these two sexy men back on the camera again. We knew how hot they would be for each other since they haven't played in such a long time. We got these guys in a dungeon and called action. That was all we had to say. Kissing, sucking cock and rimming was the warm up for Bo to take Dalton's thick cock with ease. The energy in the room told us just how much fun these guys were having. That and the 2 foot cum shot by Bo. Watch the scene and see what I'm talking about!

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Max Cameron and Jon Shield

It may have been raining and thundering outside but the real fireworks and hurricane were happening indoors when Max and Jon housesit over the weekend at a friend’s summer home. Within minutes of arriving they are stripped naked and romping around the living room…On the white leather sofa…Bent over in front of the fireplace…or face down buried in the lavender shag rug…Max and Jon sizzle in this sexy and sweaty bareback escapade. Max fucks Jon bare and loads him up with seed as Jon busts his nuts all over himself. It’s a great way to finish off the scene as Max felches Jon’s sloppy hole clean and swaps it back with him…

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Jake Norris Takes On Monster Hung Antonio Biaggi

Jake Norris is still a fairly new bareback porn star in the industry. And what’s not to love about this tall, beefy, bald daddy with a big dick? However, when the masculine hunk heard he was paired up with Antonio Biaggi, it didn’t take him long to go from Top to bottom. Within seconds of stripping, Jake was on Antonio like white on rice, sniffing and licking his ripe armpits before dropping to his knees in worship of the huge slab of meat. At 10×7 inches, Antonio’s uncut MONSTER cock is nothing to sneeze at. Jake devours it, nuzzling the sweaty balls and grooving on manscent before getting his raw, hungry hole reamed and creamed by the massively hung Latino. Monster cock and bull balls. Can you possibly want anything more?

Jake Norris devours Antonio Biaggi’s uncut monster cock before getting fucked bareback

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Adorable Bareback Slut Nick Andrews Taken Hard By Inked Daddy Scotty Rage

Inked Daddy Scotty Rage is back for more and wastes no time in taking control of the situation. Nick is put to service immediately on Scotty’s raging hard on getting it wet and sloppy. Scotty sniffs and licks Nick’s arm pits as he takes deep wiffs of his natural body scent and odor. It drives him crazy as he gets Nick’s hole ready for a deep raw pounding. Scotty fucks him in every possible position giving his bare ass no rest. He unloads his nut all over Nick’s face feeding him his sticky goo straight from the tap. Covered in sweat and cum they share each other’s load as the final thank you for the hot raw sex they just had.

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