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Rocco Steele, Chad Brock and Adam Russo

Adam Russo proves that he is a great bottom as he gets tag teamed by Bareback Legends Rocco Steele and Chad Brock in this scorching threesome scene. This is Adam at his absolute finest as his ass swallows Rocco’s 10×7 massive monster while gobbling up Chad’s shaft balls deep…It’s not only incredibility hot…It’s also fucken impressive…Chad breeds his ass as he unloads his nutt all over his hole…Rocco slides in afterwards using the cum as lube as he continues to fuck Adam…Rocco shoots his load all over his hole pumping it back into Adam deep…Feeling both warm loads in his hole, Adam shoots all over himself covering his stomach with an explosive shot. Rocco shows us a bit of his nasty side as he felches Adam’s ass clean sharing it back and forth between the three of them…These sexy masculine studs show us what sweaty man sex is all about.

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Cutler X, Adam Russo and Chad Brock

What do you get when you mix 1 huge colossal cock with 2 greedy bottoms? The answer is simple…A scorcher of a 3 way that will leave your cock dripping and your precum oozing with no relief in sight…Cutler and his enormous uncut cock are back for more as he is partnered up with Bareback Legends Chad Brock and Adam Russo. The action heats up in seconds as all three of these studs are quick to get down to some fast and furious sex. Cutler’s mammoth shaft enjoys expert oral service as both sets of lips work over his cock and balls. Chad’s ass is puckered and Adam’s is twitching as Cutler shows he is stiff and rock hard, ready to fuck. Both Adam and Chad eagerly tag team Cutler’s pole back and forth. His cock is treated to 2 gaping ass cracks each with a raw voracious appetite. Cutler tests each hole to the limit in the sizzling threesome that’s not to be missed…

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Bareback Sex Pig Chad Brock Gives It Up For Adam Russo

At BarebackThatHole we come across many models. Some are pure unadulterated tops, preferring to bury their throbbing shafts in the tight warmth of a spooge-filled ass. Others would rather remain on their backs, legs up and spread, with a horny top plowing away at their sloppy hole, breeding and seeding their mancunt. And then there is Chad Brock. He started off bottoming on camera then found his inner daddy and topped dozens — if not hundreds! — of willing whores eager to take his load. As he’s grown in popularity, however, Chad has been embraced the fact that he’s simply versatile. He doesn’t have to be top OR bottom and can easily go with the flow, as long as there’s cum involved. This week, we present Chad with Adam Russo, who starts us off by licking and sniffing Chad’s armpits as they kiss and romp around on the bed in passionate foreplay. Adam uses his tongue on all parts of Chad’s chiseled body…and we DO mean every part! Adam licks and nuzzles Chad’s feet, sucking his toes one by one…his tongue weaving in between. From ass eating to cock sucking, and mounds of rubbing and grinding. It all leads into the start of some fantastic hardcore bareback sex! Chad’s furry hole is exposed and Adam glides his tongue over the twitching starburst. He rims Chad to quivering delight then slides his bare cock into his welcoming snatch. Starting off with pounding thrusts, Adam fucks Chad every which way and is then flipped on and turned into the hungry bottom! Chad lubes up his hard cock and slides into Adam’s hole, straddling his ass and pounding deep in return. Chad flips over as Adam rides him reverse cowgirl and we’re treated to Adam’s exquisite body bouncing up and down on Chad’s rock solid cock, his own cock bouncing and flopping about. It’s enough to make you want to shoot…repeatedly…and there’s no better way to end the scene than with Chad creaming all over Adam’s raw hole and breeding the load into him. Chad slides down and felches him clean, sharing his seed with Adam as they kiss and swap all that delicious, tangy protein.

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Chad Brock Bottoms For New Cummer, Bareback Top Shay Michaels

When Chad Brock first broke into the scene, he was a major bottom pig, giving up his hole for any bareback top who wanted to fuck him. That’s a true whore! Since then, though Chad’s still been bottom for some, he’s found his inner Daddy and embraced him as he should. However, for this scene, Chad is back to his roots, giving up his hole for some balls deep, raw fucking. And for whom, you may ask? None other than one of the burliest, beefiest, and gruff new comers to the bareback porn scene. Say hello to Shay Michaels. This dirty talking, foul fucker loves getting his cock sucked, which Chad does brilliantly: it’s kinda like riding a bike, it’s something you really don’t forget how to do. But just because Shay likes being on top doesn’t mean he won’t suck dick. He chows down on Chad, playing with his guiche piercing and teasing his hole before taking possession of Chad’s fuck hole and making it his own. Plunging deep, thrusting hard, Shay takes Chad for a good ride until each explodes with a hot load. So witness if you will all you sex addicts, the birth of a new bareback top pornstar: Shay Michaels! Anyone wishing to take a load from this hairy hunk — and we know that after jerking off to this scene there’s going to be quite a few twitchy fuck holes — feel free to let us know. We’ll do what we can to set it up so you get his load!

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Bareback Whore Preston Johnson Fucked And Seeded By Chad Brock

We join Chad Brock and Preston Johnson, make-out session already in progress. The tattooed blond bottom goes down on Chad, who now embraces his inner daddy. The bearded, pierced stud enjoys some deep throat before taking charge of Preston’s hole. Spitting, fingering, and rimming the tight, pink starburst, Chad then mounts and fucks the bareback bottom. But just as there are submissive bottoms, Chad ends up as a submissive top when Preston takes over ans shows how big of an aggressive bottom he can be! Then again, if you know what you want, might as well go for it, right? And Preston does, shooting a load on his belly which the two then share before Chad delivers a load of his own, half of which spills onto Preston, the rest seeding the cum collecting dumpster.

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