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DJ and Roman Maverick – Mavericks Cup

At a pool sex party, where a purple cup means you're a bottom and a blue cup means you're a top, it's difficult to be the one bottom in search of a top, while others — the tempted — walk by with an orange cup. Roman Maverick starts to wonder, will he ever find his top? A bit dejected, Roman then spots DJ. Big, bad-ass DJ, with the height, shoulders, looks, and confidence to turn you into his bitch, if he so wanted. And right now, DJ wants. He locks eyes with Roman and the two waste little time in getting down to business. They get to know each other as they make out, with DJ moving to suck Roman's cock. The tattooed stud then eats out the curly-haired guy, rimming his ass before offering up his own large cock for service. Roman doesn’t just suck DJ, though. He practically devours the stud before getting up on all fours. Roman gets royally plowed, pumped full of raw cock as he's fucked bareback to within an inch of his life. DJ pounds the cum out of Roman before blowing his own load and seeding the inked, pierced cock slut. Now? Roman's cup just runneth over.

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New Model – Roman Maverick

Bareback That Hole Had the privilege of working with this guy for the first time. His presence on set and between shoots was always appreciate. Did we also mention how easy he is on the eyes.

Lots to come from great model. We hope you are as excited as we are to see him action.

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Adam And Steve iPad Air Background photo

The creative team for couldn’t resist the opportunity to re create this biblical moment. Photo is optimized for iPad Air. Please message us on twitter if you want it copped for your particular device. You can expect to see this full creative set in the near future.


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Zachary’s Cup Mobile backgrounds

To celebrate the release of our new scene, you can now Zach and Alex with you on the go. Express your pervy self with these sexy mobile device backgrounds. Scroll down and find the image the best suits your personal device. Get creative, post and tag a screen shot online!




Samsung Note 5


iPhone X



iPhone 8+


iPhone 8


iPad Air


Google Pixel



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Zachary Rhys and Alex Hawk – Zacharys Cup

Do you want to play a game? Invite some of the hottest men you know to some fun in the sun, food, and sex. As guests take a multi-colored cup for their drink, tell them each color represents something, only don't tell them what. At least, not just yet. Wait until they're good and relaxed, hot and bothered from sunning themselves, swimming practically naked, and totally horny to the point where they'll fuck anything or anyone. That's when you tell them. Guests with a blue cup will top, guests with an orange cup are tempted — or at the very least gay curious — and guests with purple cups will bottom. Then watch the sparks fly! First up are Zachary Rhys and everyone's favorite bottom slut, Alex Hawk. Blond and tattooed Zachary swims towards Alex, laying on a float. The two waste little time going inside where, after a quick cock sucking session, Zachary slides that raw cock inside Alex and starts pumping. After bareback fucking the hungry cock whore with gusto, Zachary spews his seed all over Alex then fingers his hole, rubbing his prostate until Alex blows his load as well.

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