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Chad Brock Pounded Raw By Throbbing Beefcake Brad Kalvo

Chad Brock has definitely embraced his inner daddy and become the bareback top we always knew he could be. However, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t still bottom for the right man or if the dick is big enough. Naturally, when we at BarebackThatHole set him up with throbbing beefcake Brad Kalvo, Chad immediately agreed to take Brad’s dick up his ass. We didn’t even have to ask! With the big, beefy muscle daddy bear towering over him, Chad can’t help but admire the man’s body, running his hands over his chest and his fingers through Brad’s furry pelt. The two kiss and grope passionately and Brad swallows Chad’s cock, much to his delight. Hey, just because he’s top doesn’t mean he doesn’t go down! Chad returns the oral favor, burying his face in Brad’s musky pubes and servicing the hot, curved tool. Then, wanting a taste of Chad’s ass, Brad throws him on all fours and rims the slutty dad deep. Expertly tongue fucking Chad, Brad teases and taunts his hungry hole with fat fingers. Brad nibbles on Chad’s guiche ring, provoking him into begging for a hard fuck, needing it now. Inching his raw cock into Chad’s waiting hole, Brad grabs him by the hips and pulls himself deeper into the willing bareback sex freak. Brad mounts Chad from behind, fucking with hard thrusts and claiming that ass for himself. And all Chad can do is take it, his talented ass swallowing every inch, until they each reach powerful orgasms and shoot massive loads.

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Nick Andrews Leaves Gio Ryder With Cummy Asshole

As this week’s scene from BarebackThatHole opens, Gio Ryder’s handsome face is buried in Nick Andrews’s furry crotch. This little piggy shows us once more just how much he adores uncut meat by working his oral magic on Nick’s loose foreskin. Swirling the tip of his tongue around the rim of Nick’s fat cock head, he slobbers all over the hardening shaft. Nick spins Gio around to expose his beautiful round ass and returns the oral favor by burying his face in Gio’s cheeks, devouring the pink puckered hole. Desperately needing to fuck — and NOW! — Nick slides home, his cock deep in Gio’s cock hungry, cum thirsty rectum. The best part of this is that Nick uses little more than just spit and sweat; nature’s own lubricants, the way it was intended. The eager bareback sex freak takes Nick’s huge uncut tool as he’s bent over with his face buried in the mattress. Nick nails the cock whore, pounding him deep and driving into him like a battering ram. Over and over and over. Nick takes that hole and makes it his own, shooting a massive nut all over Gio’s freshly fucked and gasping gash as he continues to breed his seed into the cum dump. Both collapse sweaty, exhausted, and smiling. Planting seed has never been so much fun!

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Shay Michaels Shows Us Why He’s One Of The Hottest Rising Bareback Porn Tops

Bareback porn fans will no doubt have watched Shay Michaels perform before. With his build, looks, and cock, this hung top is rising…and rising fast! In this week’s scene with bald, bearded, muscle jock Adam Russo, Shay shows us once more — as if we ever had any doubt — why he’s quickly becoming one of the hottest Bareback Stars on the web. This sizzling duo embarks on a raw journey filled with passion, hardcore fucking, and pure animal lust as the explore each other from head to toe. We’re glad we took the journey with them but now it’s YOUR turn to experience their energy as well as watching them fuck while talking dirty.

As the camera fades in, we find Adam licking and sniffing Shay’s armpits. The men then start kissing and groping each other before the Italian hunk shows off his oral skills by getting Shay stiff, wet, and sloppy. Adam is clearly an excellent cocksucker! Shay, eager to get into Adam’s furry hole, is quick to bend him over and rim him deep. His tongue glides over the twitching hole as Adam begs for hard raw cock. Shay slides his bare tool into the inviting crack, riding Adam with pounding thrusts. What follows is unadulterated bareback magic. In their own world, unaware of the camera, and high from their chemistry, these two hunky studs steal our breath away as they focus on each other and the scorching sex they’re creating. Hairy muscles, sweaty action, and loads of cum are trademarks of this steamy bareback scene. It’s a must see and one of this Producer’s Top Picks!

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Beefy Bodybuilder Darius Soli Pounds Distinguished Hung Daddy Matt Sizemore

As the camera fades in on this weeks scene from BarebackThatHole, we see distinguished Daddy Matt Sizemore servicing beefy bodybuilder Darius Soli. This turns into some intense oral action and it’s not long before they’re locked in a 69, with Matt throat fucking Darius. What Daddy wants, however, is a good fuck so Darius goes about prepping Matt; first with his raspy tongue buried deep in his ass and teasing the puckered entrance, then with his fingers, prying Matt open and stretching his hole. The salt-and-pepper Daddy moans and groans like a whore in heat, all in anticipation of what’s to come. His hole gets twitchy and before long, Matt’s sliding down on the throbbing shaft Darius has to offer. It’s all raw, with a thick head, and Matt loves it as Darius then drives into him, raw, deep, and hard. Matt begs for more and his hungry, willing hole takes a pounding. Darius goes to town without hesitation, knowing what Matt needs and wants. Fucking with long thrusts, every inch of his cock sinking into Matt, Darius ends up blasting a huge nut all over Matt’s pulsating ass. He breeds his load into Matt’s ass, planting every drop of his sticky seed into Daddy’s freshly fucked, sloppy manhole as Matt himself shoots his own wad all over his stomach. Darius feeds the creamy goodness to Matt then shares a sticky, salty kiss before collapsing in bed in a sweaty embrace.

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