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Producer Gives Bareback Pigs Christian Matthews And Chad Brock Gold Stars!

If you want to know what happens when you put together two of the biggest bareback whores today, just take a look at this week’s scene from Bareback That Hole. Featuring Christian Matthews and Chad Brock, the two uninhibited sex freaks were made for each other, seamlessly moving from a hot make-out session to a fluid cocksucking session. There’s a certain passion and intensity between these two and we wouldn’t be surprised to hear wedding bells in their future. Perhaps matching cockrings? A heavy duty bull breeder seeding them both? Ahhh, the fantasies are endless! But we digress. This is truly a rare blend of authentic man-to-man action, a sizzling display of bareback lust, and sweaty sex all wrapped up in this outstanding scene. Christian swallows Chad down to the balls, which send him into orbit. Chad then spits on his cock and slides into Christian’s raw, hungry and twitching hole. And once Chad’s cock is gripped tight within Christian’s ass, the sex explodes with a feverish pitch that will leave your cock — or hole — wanting more. We were certainly fortunate in witnessing Chad and Christian coming, and cumming, together. Gold Stars ALL the way in this Producer’s Top Pick!

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Kyle Braun Uses Christian Matthews Like A Bareback Rag Doll

Christian Matthews is proving himself to be a HUGE power bottom. He doesn’t need to prove himself anymore, at least not to us at BarebackThatHole. Still, we love to see a hungry mancunt who loves to be used by a greedy top. Which is why, this week, we’ve got Christian paired up with equally greedy bareback sex freak Kyle Braun, who needs to unload. But it’s not just that he needs to unload. He needs to groove on a bottom and play him like a finely tuned instrument. From the passionate kissing, right from the start, Kyle seems to have his finger — or maybe his cock — on the trigger of what pushes Christian’s buttons. As they move on to groping each another, their cocks rubbing together and bopping about, Kyle has definitely “got this.” Until Christian slides down and licks Kyle’s shaved pubes. That’s when there’s a slight shift in power play. It’s almost as if the bottom says to the top, without ever saying a word, “I’m in the one in charge here and don’t you forget it!” Aggressive pushy bottom much? Naaahhh. Christian chaffs his goatee along Kyle’s smooth shaved balls then samples his pre-cum, suckling it straight from that tap that is Kyle’s fat cut cock. However, the power struggle shifts again when, Kyle, shoving Christian’s face into his own pillow, taunts and teases the whore to near madness even as his ass is perched up in the air, hole pulsing and fully exposed. And that’s what tops live for. That and what follows next. The moment when the head of your cock splurts past the first sphincter and you hear that cock slut moan like a true whore. Which, of course, Christian does. In fact, Kyle leaves him begging to be fucked, begging to be slammed. And HARD. What follows is exactly what Christian wants. To be used like a bareback rag doll. Pounded hard and filled deep.

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Cy Kohen And Christian Matthews Lose Themselves In Raw Lust And Bareback Pleasure

When it comes to bareback bottom whores, you’ve either got cock on the mind all the time, or cum. Usually it’s both. With versatile bottoms like Cy Kohen and Christian Matthews it’s sometimes a toss-up who’s going to fuck who. In this instance, with Christian lying on the bed, legs spread while Cy devours his stiff hard cock, we thought it was Cylus who’d end up with raw dick up his ass. But nothing could have been further from our expectations. Once Cy turned his attention to Christian’s puckered hole, it was pretty much decided. You see, Christian has a soft spot. That’s where he has the guiche piercing. With Cy tickling him there with tip of his tongue, it was a done deal. Christian gives up his hole to Cy for a deep and steady rimming full of spit and fingers. But Cy doesn’t just rims Christian. He sucks the bottom whore’s eager snatch, face buried deep in his crack, making moan and beg to be fucked raw. Cy spits on his bare cock and slides home, lighting up like firecracker as he nails Christian relentlessly. This is a hot display of raw lust and bareback pleasure that will leave your imagination filled with visions of torrid man-to-man sex.

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Foreskin Worship, Piggy Rimming And Thick Raw Cock Slamming Twitchy Holes

There’s no better way to start your day than with your face buried in a hot man’s furry pubes. That’s exactly what Christian Matthews does. The furry pubed man? Nick Andrews. Chris does much more than just nuzzle, obviously. And with a hunk like Nick before you, with that uncut fat dick, you’d be doing the same. Chris gets into man musk sniffing Nick and reveling in his natural scent. Then he dives for that juicy piece of meat, standing at full attention. Working magic on the throbbing shaft, Chris slurps and savors every inch of Nick’s loose hanging foreskin. There’s not one fold, nook or cranny that isn’t sampled. After some mutually satisfying cock sucking, Nick knows he’s got to empty his balls, full to the brim with cum. He throws Christian face first up against the wall, spreads his cheeks, and shows us the beauty that is Christian’s twitching hole before diving in tongue first. The bearded, swarthy hunk licks and rims that hole with passion and delight, making Christian begs for Nick’s raw cock. And that’s exactly what he gets. These two suck and fuck and sizzle and scorch in a bareback free-for-all that will leave you — as it did them — dripping for more!

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