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How To Excel In Bareback Customer Service

As we draw near the end of our corporate executive bareback fantasies, we invite you to consider that another key factor that keep these companies in business is their customer service. And if you’ve ever been in the industry, regardless of whether it’s corporate America or your own home business, customer service is the one key point that continues to bring your clients, time and time again. So it’s usually a good idea to make sure they’re taken care of, happy, and satisfied. Consider Kyle, treating Chad to an extended lunch hour at his hotel. Kyle, who knows all about customer service, does a bit of roleplay with Chad. As they take turns sucking each other you can almost imagine them taking turns being the customer service agent and the customer. Good thing both of these bareback fuckers are top notch! Still, it’s always good to get an exchange going, make sure you’re up to speed on technique. But keeping your clients happy isn’t just about technique. It’s also about giving your customer what he needs and wants. In this case, it just so happens to be raw dick, tangy protein, and balls deep seeding.

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The Bareback Intern And His Bottom Apprentice

The backbone of corporate America consists of the workers who handle the work executives create. However, a key factor is the intern and the apprentice. There’s a difference to both And Sage Daniels demonstrates that perfectly with Blue Bailey. You see, sexy Sage with his kinky, twisted desires, almost always lead to bareback fucking. He’s the intern you see. Doing it for the experience and not necessarily the money. For him it’s more about the perks of being in his position, namely, teaching the bareback apprentice everything he knows about how raw cock fits in bare hole.

With Blue as the hungry, willing, and VERY eager bottom — despite his boyish good looks and Sage’s edgy appeal and tattoos — Sage offers up his cock for Blue to deep throat. The pig does so eagerly, making himself choke and gag. After some ball licking and sucking, Blue then gives Sage the opportunity to check out his cock. Sage returns the favor but quickly moves on to more inviting assets: Blue’s hole. As if he were involved in an aggressive corporate takeover, Sage explores Blue with his tongue, fingers, and cock. Rutting like animals, we’re reminded once again that every once in a while, it’s good to get the shaft. As long as it’s meaty, throbbing, and raw. Guess Gordon Gekko was right…greed IS good.

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Black Bareback Market Investing

It wasn’t that long ago that the face of corporate American began to change. Blacks and Latinos joined the executive workforce. And, just like their white brethren, the minority male is just as hot, if not hotter, in a suite and tie. As our executive fantasies continue, this week we feature Champ Robinson and Mason Garet. Dressed in their business attire both men find common ground as they use their tongue, lips, and hands to get better acquainted and measure the risks they can take. Mason shows off an office skill not usually listed on a professional resume; not unless deep throat cock sucking is an asset or a good example of multi-tasking. Champ then demonstrates why Mason should invest in the black bareback market. Yes, it’s pure speculation. There’s a lot of risk. Oh, but the return on investment can only go up and keeps on giving! Once Mason sees exactly what he’s investing (is 9 thick inches of black meat ever enough to persuade anyone?) he goes belly up, spreading his legs — as well as his hole — for Champ to prove himself.

Every throbbing inch slides raw into Mason’s hole. Deep. Champ pumps the greedy bottom, giving him the shaft; a thick, chocolate brown shaft that’s as juicy and probably as tasty, if not tastier, than the biggest of dark chocolate…ummm…bars. All too soon, however, Champ is ready to dump his load like a bad stock, seeding his white investor. Now Mason knows all about black bareback market investing. And you know what? He not only got a satisfying yield, he’s developed a game plan to invest — and continue investing — in nothing but big black cock! Of course, it’s not wise to put all your eggs in one basket. One DOES need to diversity. But hey, after getting a load of Champ’s cock ourselves, we’d probably go ahead and do the same thing.

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The Corporate Bareback Merger

One of the things that comes with maturing in corporate America is wisdom and experience. Not for all executives, mind you. But some. These are the men that know how to strike a merger when the iron is hot. It’s all about timing and coming to an agreement on a business deal to satisfy both sides. And whether the meetings occur in a boardroom, with a handshake in the men’s room while pissing at the urinals, or a more private encounter in a hotel room, it’s funny how the same rules apply — most of the times — when it comes to sex. Especially bareback sex. You have on one side, a hungry, greedy bottom, eager to satisfy a top and collect his seed. On the other side you have a horny top with a hard-on that just won’t quit and a strong urge to dump a load.

We continue our corporate bareback fantasy this week with Randy Harden and Chad Brock, dressed in their button-down shirts, ties, and knee-length socks. This is where the execs might be holed up in a hotel room after a liquid lunch, hammering out the fine details of their merger. More appropriately, a nooner consisting of dick sucking, butt munching, and balls deep cock in hole action. Randy and Chad might start off semi-dressed but soon everything comes off to allow for a smoother transaction and a more intimate bond; the type of bond only two bareback whores can cement. Donned only in their dress socks — Randy with his matching jockstrap — Chad takes possession of that hairy ass, pounding the raw bottom until he blows a load all over his gaping hole and seeds him.

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A Corporate Executive And His Bareback Apprentice

Many of us have had fantasies about the well groomed, well dressed male. We’re not talking about the man that comes out of a salon with a high-priced haircut or the one that’s all decked out in Donna Karan. We’re talking specifically about the corporate executive. Suited up, wearing a tie, knee-length socks and perfectly shined shoes. There’s a mystique about this man. Sometimes quiet, sometimes aggressive, he often disappears for hours at a time behind closed doors. And whether it’s a boardroom, the executive washroom, or a hotel, there are those of us who wonder what he’s like in bed. Especially if they exude charm and testosterone the way a steel mill worker excretes sweat!

Bareback That Hole is exploring the fantasy of the corporate executive. Except we’re taking it to where WE want. The way WE want to see him. And for all we know, this IS how it can be! And so, starting with this week’s scene, featuring Kyle Savage and Preston Johnson, we invite you to imagine these two as a high-powered executive Daddy type and his younger, willing apprentice ready to do anything his Boss tells him because he wants to please. And please, Preston does! The two bareback sex pigs trade blowjobs before Kyle takes hold of Preston’s ass, primes him with spit, tongue and fingers, then mounts and penetrates until he blows his load and injects a few pearls of protein wisdom into the greedy bottom. Now, hopefully, the apprentice will know how to comport himself in the boardroom while he waits diligently behind his corporate executive.

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