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18+ Inches Of Raw Monster Cock

Before your throat or butthole goes into a paroxym of ecstatic bareback pleasure, let us just say that the 18 inches or raw monster meat stated in the title of this post is combined. Between Champ Robinson and Antonio Biaggi, the super-hung bareback top studs have just over 18 inches. Although, maybe we didn’t measure right because as Kriss Anton takes turns chowing down on one, then the other, and then BOTH, it sure looks like Champ and Antonio have closer to 2 feet of meat! But maybe that’s because they’ve never seen anyone as piggy and hungry for dick like Kriss. Then again, when you have two monster hung studs in front of you, and you’re a major cockpig whore, you’re going to make sure the man you’re sucking is as excited as you are so he can give you the deepest, thickest, hardest fuck. The scene is a sexy interracial 3-way with Kriss being the white-boy in the middle of two major cocks in the industry. Spit-roasted and tag teamed, Kriss is stretched to capacity and fed dick continuously. Whether it’s bent over, on all fours, or riding the bull cocks, Kriss takes it all and is left with a gaping hole, his asslips clutching at the throbbing shafts pounding in and out of him. Both Kriss and Antonio fill Kriss with their loads and Kriss ends up exhausted and drained, but happily satisfied as the poster boy for monster meat handler. Too bad he wasn’t up to getting double-fucked. Can you imagine Antonio AND Champ bareback fucking that whore’s manhole? Maybe next time. OINK!

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Dick Dicso Dickin’ Drew Driver Deep

Dick and Drew are buried in each other’s crotches as they feast on one another’s uncut foreskins. Dick plants his face into Drew’s ass cheeks. He rims and sucks the puckering hole, getting it ready for his raw cock. Drew arches his back and moans passionately as he begs Dick to fuck him hard. Dick nails his ass in a variety of positions as his pierced balls slap up against Drew’s bubble butt. He pulls Drew to the chair and directs him to ride his rigid member. Drew spread his ass cheeks as he slides onto his bare pole. Finally, Dick blasts his nut all over Drew’s gaping hole. He slips back in and continues to fuck the load deep. Then Dick pulls out and felches his own nutt out of Drew’s ass. Drew strokes and sprays his cum all over himself as he and Dick kiss and swap cum.

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