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Raw Daddy-On-Daddy Bareback Action

If you’re going through our blog, chances are you’re already into bareback sex. If you’re reading this post, chances are also pretty good that you’re into REAL men fucking bareback. We are, after all, the face of what bareback sex looks like and represents. The real man in all his flawed beauty for better or worse, because here, it’s all about that connection you make between cock and hole, cemented by seed. However, if you’re into daddy-on-daddy bareback action, then you’re in for a crowning glory! Matt Sizemore, everyone’s favorite piggy raw dad, and Brent Chaps. Both men have been cock pigs from as far back as they can remember but Brent is so much more. He’s a major cum whore who enjoys a big fat dick pounding him full of meat then leaving him with a sore, gaping hole.

Matt Sizemore certainly does push Brent’s buttons! And considering all the dick sucking between the two, it’s a wonder they don’t have lockjaw by the end of the scene. However, after priming Brent full of spit, Matt slides home, down to the balls, and keeps on going until they’re both ready to unload. When Matt splatters his DNA all over Brent’s hungry ass, he keeps on fucking while feeding some of it to the hungry pig. OINK!

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Sloppy, Wet, And Hungry Fuckhole Meant For Cum Loads

Bareback That Hole is happy to bring you Mason Garet and his buddy, Parker, for this week’s raw fuck scene. The two are as piggy as they come and each loves to suck cock and get rimmed. With the right amount of whorish lust, the need to seed holes, and the knowledge that cum should not be wasted, Mason and Parker take turns rimming each other but Mason’s a true cock hound and needs Parker huge dick pounded straight up his hole. Using nothing but spit and just a tiny bit of lube, Parker wedges that curved, fat piece of meat balls deep inside his bareback bottom, making him moan like a common pig. All he’s missing is the rutting snort and the curly tail but, from what we’ve been told, Mason’s already got that. We wouldn’t know. We haven’t rummaged through his toy box yet. After Parker fucks the cum out of Mason, he blows his own wad all over Mason’s slutty gaping hole, breeds and seeds it, then feeds him the sloppy, cum covered shaft, totally slimed with ass juice. Oh, fuck. Now we’re SO boned!

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