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Hung Trash-Talking Bareback Top Makes Chad Brock Gag Before Fucking His Ass

Just like those of us who drool over a hot piece of Latin ass, a big black cock, or a brooding Middle Eastern man, there are those whose tighty whities get all wet and bunched in a wad at the sight of a tall beer of water with a Southern drawl. Add to those attributes a cocky attitude, a big dick, and some aggressive dirty talk and you’ve got Sam Crockett. The man has charm but he’s also a pig. And since we all love bacon, unless you’re a vegetarian, Sam is at the top of the list of men we most want to eat. Ahem.

As this week’s scene starts, Sam and new bareback sex buddy Chad Brock are in the middle of a 69 session. And we’re talking sloppy cock sucking of the whoring kind! Soon, however, Sam’s got his face buried in Chad’s furry ass, rimming his twitchy hole and priming him for the fuck to come. Once ready, Sam shoves that fat dick up Chad’s ass, penetrating his hairy hole and pounding him like a cheap slut. It’s always about the fucking, always about the connection between raw cock and bare hole, but there’s also an added plus when the top is treating you like his bitch and verbally taking you on a nasty mind fuck while he creams your gaping hole. Don’t believe us? Just give Sam a few minutes. Yes, there might be times when you ask yourself, is this guy for real? You might even want to laugh but one thing is for sure. After you’ve been sitting there, cock in hand, you’re going to start feeling your butthole twitch with anticipation and the burning desire to be split in half, pounded hard, and seeded by a hot Southern hunk like Sam.

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