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Nick Moretti Fucks The Flesh Out Of Jake Norris And Ben Statham

Nick Moretti and his masculine buddies Ben Statham and Jake Norris won’t get hung up on watching football over the Thanksgiving season. These three muscle gods got together for Thanksgiving and instead of cramming themselves full of turkey and yelling at football players on the TV, these ripped fucking machines got naked and filthy. Hairy Daddy Nick looks amazing as usual and he cups the bald heads of Jake Norris and Ben Statham as they slobber over his thick curved dick. Ben wants every inch of Nick’s throbbing cock pumping into his hot wet fuckhole and the hairy Daddy from Brooklyn eagerly obliges. Bald bull Jake wants to get his fair share of Ben’s thick, meaty ass and he flips the greedy bottom around to plunge his own thick flesh-hammer into his hot hole. Nick, Jake and Ben each shoot huge messy wads of cum all over each other before recharging for Thanksgiving seconds.

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Bareback Fuck Pigs love it Rough and Sloppy

Ray Dalton is a twisted piuece of muscle and leather, rough and reckless and he loves getting sloppy in his hookups. Mason Garet is his ideal fuck-buddy, tall and athletic and ready for a kinky ass-banging. Rayburies his face deep into Mason’s muscle bubble butt. He rims his hole with his long darting tongue while he teases Mason’s sphincter with his probing fingers. Basically, Mason’s hot, slick hole gets a five star eat-out experience. With Mason’s hole twitching and puckering Ray slides his raw cock into his eager ass. Ray nails his raw crack in a variety of positions giving it to him hard and deeper each time. Ray felches his own load out of Mason’s ass and gobs it into his sex pig’s panting mouth.

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Grabbing The Bull By His Balls

If you’ve ever heard of the term “bull balls” your mind probably conjures up thoughts of grotesquely huge testicles that have been manipulated with all manner of sex toys, weights, and injections. But that’s not the type of balls we’re talking about. When WE at Bareback That Hole talk about bull balls, we’re talking about the heavy, pendulous, and natural-looking pair that tall and sexy Latin Antonio Biaggi has been blessed with. Can you imagine that nut sac slapping against your chin as he fucks your throat? Or better yet, can you imagine their weight as they sway back and forth, slapping your own balls as he takes you doggy style with that huge uncut monster cock? Bet your butthole is probably experiencing spasms and puckering in anticipation by now, huh? Guess we’re not the only ones fascinated by Biaggi’s bull balls. Chad Brock is too.

What starts off as an intense cock sucking session, showing us what greedy pigs both Chad and Antonio can be, turns into a bit of ball play. While making out, Antonio jerks off and Chad just grabs that bull by the balls and starts tugging. And it’s obvious Antonio loves it, too! But as much fun as it would be to tug on Antonio’s heavy sac, nothing beats watching him in action as the bareback top mounts Chad and, using only spit and their own natural sweat, works that enormous piece of meat into the sex pig’s starving fuckhole. Once Antonio picks up speed, that’s when he’s at his finest, when he’s so mesmerizing to watch, as he sinks that slab of beef inside his willing victims, and his pendulous bull balls just sway from their own momentum and weight. Positively tic. Now, wipe the drool off your face and check out Antonio Biaggi bareback fucking Chad Brock like the whore that he is!

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Ross X Fills Patrick O’Connor Full Of Cum

The thing about bareback sex pigs is that when they connect, it’s like watching life take on a form all of it’s own. Yes there’s energy but it’s more than that. It’s like everything around them, including those of us in the same room, filming and taking pictures, stop existing. Their connection becomes grounded in their own lust and desire and their focus, at that point, is all about the natural progression from cocksucking, rimming, to fucking raw. Ross X and Patrick O’Connor are a perfect example.

This sexy duo of tall and thin, daddy/son bareback fucking starts even before we had a change to start filming! So we start in what appears to be midstream, with Ross and Patrick already in motion. Patrick sucking Ross and Ross giving Patrick the tongue fucking of his life! The two are hardly ever disconnected as there’s always something touching. If it’s not a pair of lips wrapped around a hard dick, it’s a tongue buried deep in a willing hole. And we haven’t even gotten to the balls-deep bareback fucking yet! Between the rough slamming Ross gives Patrick and the frantic riding Patrick gives Ross, bouncing up and down on his cock, Ross winds up filling Patrick full of cum before the bareback bottom delivers a load of his own that splatters all over the carpet.

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