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Dylan Hyde Takes Every Inch Of Antonio Biaggi’s Monster Cock

If you’re ever surprised that a man can take a huge monster cock up his, despite the appearance of such a tiny fuck hole, join the club. Then again, the truth is that regardless of dick size, if the bareback bottom is a huge cock and cum whore, and wants it badly enough, he’s going to take it. Every single last inch. And we’re so glad Dylan Hyde is such a whore! He not only manages to take a good face fucking from Antonio Biaggi, he’s able to take ALL of that thick, uncut piece of huge meat and still beg for more! Naturally, Antonio rims that hairy fuck hole as if his life depended on it, mounting, shoving, and driving his cock home repeatedly using nothing but spit and natural anal juices to slide into Dylan’s hungry ass.

Dylan Hyde gets fucked bareback by Antonio Biaggi and his monster cock

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Paul Stag And Chad Brock Tag Team Ben Venido

Paul Stag, Chad Brock, and Ben Venido. This is what real bareback sex looks like. With REAL barebackers who are filthy-minded and live for depositing and collecting cum loads. Sharing the wealth, as it were. Each of the men in this piggy threeway have been have raw sex for quite some time and give themselves up to it with abandon. Especially when they’re horny. And it seems, they always seem to be in need of getting off. Paul is a foul-mouthed, trash-talking British dad that will make your balls churn with desire and your hole spasm when you hear all his nasty talk. Verbally aggressive, he guides you down the path to pig sex as he and Chad take turns using Ben’s eager and willing mouth and hairy hole. Good thing Ben likes to be spit-roasted and tag teamed! And just when you think it can’t get any dirtier, Paul buries his face in Ben’s freshly fucked, cum-filled ass, sniffs, then felches out the seed. Slurrrrrp! Hey, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

Paul Stag, Chad Brock and Ben Venido get piggy sucking cock, sniffing armpits and rimming during a bareback 3-way

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