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Grizzled Daddies Get Raunchy And Dirty In Raw Threeway

Bare Back That Hole pretty much exists to showcase grizzled daddies with bottomless libidos and no shame whatsoever. Matt Sizemore and Paul Stag look like holdovers from a 70s era porn movie, with their hairy chests and big fat cocks. They only get hard for raw, bareback sex, and getting to fuck an all-star bottom pig like Chad Brock has got their dicks raging hardl. Chad is too eager to take on both shafts, and he tries to swallow both at once, before switching back and forth like a greedy piggy. Soon Paul is on his knees getting a face full of cock and then Matt is in on the action, burying his face in Chad’s ass.

It’s a rim job daisy chain that quickly builds into a full-blown bareback threeway, Matt and Paul switch off fucking Chad’s thick, muscle butt. They both shower him with huge cum shots, but the camera keeps rolling to catch Chad stroking out his own sticky jizz bomb, which the three of them pass around and eat like fucking pigs.

Grizzled Geezers throw Raunchy and Raw Threeway Party

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Jake Norris Turns Bareback Bottom Bitch For Sweet Italian Papa Nick Moretti

Bare Back That Hole was really smart to feature Nick Moretti…where do you start with this prime specimen of a Daddy? Sharp buzz cut with a touch of grey, clean shaven, ruggedly handsome face, and the body of a Roman God! How many men in their 40s have a body like this? He also shows off his trademark tattoo: a brightly coloured, Japanese-inspired arm sleeve. And last, but not least, is his mouth watering 10-inch cock…thick and proud with a sexy upward curve like a banana.

Nick is paired up with bald, beefy power bottom Jake Norris, and Jake has a thick, muscular butt that was meant to be fucked raw. After messing around, getting each other aroused and hard, Nick slams his big cock into Jake’s greedy butt, thrusting like a piston until both men are pushed over the edge and they shoot massive jizz loads. Jake eats Nick’s spunk and begs for more.

Sweet Italian Papa Nick Moretti makes Jake Norris his bitch

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Aggressive Top Sam Crockett Plows Bareback Cum Whore Dylan Hyde

Sam Crockett is craving flesh and bottom bitch Dylan Hyde looks like an appetizing snack. Sam samples the goods, rimming out Dylan’s pink hole to taste the goods for himself. Bare Back that Hole is about one thing only though, and Sam soon dispenses with the foreplay and rams his raging hard cock into Dylan’s thick ass right up to his balls and pounds the bearded bitch-boy like he’s trying to break in half. It’s an intense match-up, as super top Sam talks trash constantly through the video, egged on by Dylan’s beastly moaning and grunting.

Sexually Aggressive pair screws and eats cum

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Power Bottom Luca Bondi Rammed By Horse-Hung Antonio Biaggi

Bare Back that Hole is really living up to it’s name every time Antonio Biaggi makes an appearance. I can’t stop talking about his enormous testes – are they bigger than golf balls? I just think of church bells every time I see him strutting around in the nude. And that’s not even making a comment about his 10 inch horse cock! He’s like a character from God of War…

Antonio is full of swagger as he gets together with bearded power bottom Luca Bondi. Antonio bends him over and goes to work on the muscle bear’s ass with his tongue, rimming him out and stroking his massive tool, getting ready to push it into his gaping, slick hole. Luca pushes back onto Antonio’s raw raging erection, and soon the pair are locked in a hard, pounding rhythm. Antonio fucks Luca relentlessly and Luca bounces to feel the maximum penetration while stroking his own hard dick.

Horse-hung Antonio rams power bottom Luca Bondi

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