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Big-Dicked Top Dad Matt Sizemore Fucks Bareback Bottom Joey Milano

If handsome, silver-haired Dads with million-dollar smiles are your thing, look no further than Matt Sizemore. The man has a sparkle in his eyes that will make you melt. And just wait until he flashes you those pearly whites at you! But if that’s not enough, this hot, masculine man is a bareback top with a very big dick. Do we have you now? Good. Because we think you’ll enjoy him in action with dark-haired, Joey Milano. The sexy, muscled bareback bottom enjoys sucking dick and getting sucked. In fact he and Matt get into a 69 position that leaves him moaning and panting for more. Until Matt starts rimming his ass and eating out his hole, that is. Before you know it, Matt’s worked his mouth-watering shaft deep inside Joey’s raw ass and pumps him full of meat until the cock-hungry unloads as he gets fucked. Matt pulls out soon after and sprays his own load all over Joey, mixing their loads together and sharing them in a snowball kiss that they swap back and forth.

Joey Milano Topped By Big-Dicked Daddy Matt Sizemore

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Ray Boy Fucked Bareback By Chris Neal

Say hello to another pair of sex-crazed, bareback pigs; dark-haired Ray Boy and slightly shorter, blond Chris Neal. The handsome, tattooed stud with pierced nipples and inked cock has a good fuck waiting for Ray Boy. After the two get done with some kissing and making out, they take turns servicing each other and wind up in a 69 that puts most cocksuckers to shame. Chris starts tongue-fucking Ray Boy’s willing hole, priming it with spit and sweat for a deep bareback fuck. Getting him into position, Chris works the head of his cock inside Ray Boy and the bottom’s hungry hole does the rest. Before you know it, Chris is burying his cock deep inside Ray Boy, working bareback magic as he hits all the right buttons in the cum-hungry bottom. As Chris grabs Ray Boy’s legs, he spreads them wide and power fucks him with deep, long strokes. Ray Boy grunts and moans like a wounded animal and, after a while, Chris pulls Ray Boy onto his hands and knees and takes him like a dog. Chris eventually splatters his load all over Ray Boy’s face, mouth and tongue, giving him a steamy cum facial. The smell and taste of the fresh spooge send Ray Boy over the edge and he unloads in a torrential gush of cum. Drenched in sweat and covered in cum, Chris makes Ray Boy lick him clean and the pig obliges like a good sub should.

Chris Neal Barebacks Ray Boy

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Colin Steele Manhandles Travis Turner And Fucks His Beefy Ass

When Bareback That Hole paired up Colin Steele and Travis Turner we had no idea the two would hit it off so well. Colin with is gladiator-like looks, toned, and tall build versus Travis, the incredibly sweet and innocent-looking, tattooed muscled jock. His beefy, meaty ass was meant to be devoured, which, after trading blow jobs, Colin does. He buries his face in Travis’ crack and tongue-fucks the puckered fuckhole until he’s all juiced up with spit and sweat. Moments later, Colin’s mounted Travis and bareback fucking him like he’s never going to get the chance to do it again. Colin runs Travis all over the bed, slamming into the bareback sex freak repeatedly while the hungry dick whore clamors for more. Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and so must this scene. Colin fucks the cum out of Travis then pulls out and sprays a load of his own all over the muscled jocks cock and balls.

Travis Turner Manhandled And Fucked By Colin Steele

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Lito Cruz Barebacks Chad Brock With His HUGE Cock

True barebackers know that dick-hungry bottoms live for raw cock in their spasming holes, satisfying well-hung tops and collecting loads. This scene from Bareback That Hole pits Chad Brock, a well-hung bottom, with massively hung Lito Cruz. The man’s got legendary meat status written all over him what with the monster-size, thickness and large, hooded glans. And trust us, when that dick gets hard the head is an angry purple that will bust you wide open! As Chad quickly finds out. Yes they kiss, yes they fondle each other, and yes they trade blowjobs. But what you really want to know about is the actually bareback fucking, isn’t it? The moment when the head of that huge cock that makes Chad weak in the knees, connects with the flesh of Chad’s pink sphincter. And that first push. Splurt! After that, it’s all downhill as Lito works every single throbbing inch of manflesh deep inside Chad. The bareback sex fiend takes it down to the balls, where Lito’s pubic bush brushes up against Chad’s hairy ass. By the time all is said and done — and believe us when we tell you there’s a lot to be said and done when Lito’s cock is involved — Lito cums inside Chad then pulls out to spray him with more cum, then shoves his engorged slab of beef back inside Chad to fuck the cum out of him. When Lito finally pulls out we’re treated to one of the most beautiful sights for barebackers. Chad’s gaping hole, sloppy and cum-filled. Slurrrrp!

Chad Brock Takes On Lito Cruz And His HUGE Cock

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