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John Andrews Gets Muscled Ass Barebacked By Chris Neal

John Andrews is a big beefy guy compared to lean and toned Chris Neal. Good thing John has a hungry butthole and craves being topped by guys who aren’t as tall as him. After sucking Chris’ inked tool, John gets his hole rimmed, fingered, then stretched by Chris as he slides the entire length of his raw cock deep inside the bare ass. John is in heaven, moaning like a whore in heat as Chris fucks him bareback, stuffs him full of meat, and pushes him to the brink. Traveling all over the bed, the two bang in all sorts of positions until John lets loose with volleys of cum that bathe him in balljuice. The tattooed top dad then pulls out and shoots his own load all over John and the two end up in a sticky, sweaty embrace.

Inked Bareback Top Chris Neal Fucks John Andrews Raw

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Bill Marlowe Fucked Deep By Big-Dicked Daddy Matt Sizemore

For fans of good-looking daddies with hairy chests and big dicks, sink your teeth into this one. Matt Sizemore together with bareback sex pig and cum slut Bill Marlowe. Bill’s the kind of guy that lives to service men like Matt and Matt is only too happy to oblige and workout that sloppy fuckhole after munching on it and eating it like a pig. Matt mounts Bill from behind and fucks him like a dog, on all fours, making him bed for more. The two start to sweat as Matt continues driving repeatedly, and relentlessly, into Bill’s now stretched out manhole. It spasms around Matt’s thick shaft, milking it and getting it close to coming. After a while Bill rides Matt, rising up and sinking down with long, deep strokes until he blows his own load all over the chair and floor. Soon Matt unloads and his cum splatters everywhere. Bill shows us what a cum whore he is when he slips off Matt and laps up every spilled drop like a good pig should.

Big-Dicked Daddy Matt Sizemore Bangs Bill Marlowe

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Chris Kohl Gets The Cum Fucked Out Of Him By Kasey Anthony

Kasey Anthony and Chris Kohl are getting down hot and heavy with a lot of kissing and making out. As they fondle each other, Chris goes for Kasey’s armpits. He starts sniffing and licking but soon Kasey pushes his head down towards his crotch. That Rican badboy needs some dick service bad and Chris is just the guy to give it to him. The bareback pig bottom services the uncut piece of meat, getting it nice and hard and wet. Soon after, Kasey flips Casey and spreads his legs to rim his hole. As he tongue fucks Chris, the cock hungry whore moans and begs for a deeper tongue lashing. But what he gets is Kasey’s cock sliding balls deep inside him. With some major screaming and crying out, Chris gets pummeled and fucked raw by Kasey until he gets the cum fucked out of him. Kasey follows up soon after with dramatic flair, spraying his jizz all over Chris.

Bareback Sex Pigs Kasey Anthony and Chris Kohl

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Beefy Jock Travis Turner Pummels Power Bottom Joey Milano

Beefy top Travis Turner meets hungry power bottom Joey Milano in this hot bareback scene that pits the blond tattooed jock with the dark-haired, sensual cocksucker. Neither is lacking in the dick department and it’s evident as they devour each other how much they love to suck cock. But when you have a juicy ass like Joey’s, versatile men like Travis are only going to devour that ass and rim that hole in order to get it as loose and sloppy with spit as possible. It’s all about that connection between cock and hole and both, Travis and Joey know this. Joey takes a deep hard pounding, his stretched out sloppy hole pummeled by the entire length of Travis’ throbbing tool. Sadly, they cum all too soon, spraying their loads all over their bellies. But at least they play well with others and they taste each others juices, sharing their sweat, spit and manjuice.

Bareback Power Bottom Joey Milano and Travis Turner

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