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Troy Webb and Jake Wetmore Tag-Team Bareback Bottom Butch Bloom

If you’re into threesomes with big, beefy men and compact bottoms, then you’re about to cream your pants. Check out this scene from Bareback That Hole, featuring Troy Webb, Jake Wetmore and Butch Bloom. This trio is hot and rugged. Butch, who’s far smaller than the other two masculine guys, is no less of a match. He keeps up every single stroke Troy and Jack dish out. Not only can Butch take them on, he gets both his holes stuffed full of meat and skewered like a BBQ pig spit-roast. He gets piggy with Troy and Jake, as do the others, sucking and rimming one another. Troy and Jake actually abuse Butch’s hole with their tongues and fingers, stretching him out, lubing him up and tag-teaming his bubble butt with a hard and deeply penetrating bareback fuck that ends in multiple cum loads being splattered all over Butch’s ass. With all that seed spilled all over his hole, Butch then pops one out of his own and is one happy little bottom piglet.

Butch Bloom Tag-Teamed By Troy Webb and Jake Wetmore

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Well Endowed Chris Neal and Colin Steele Fuck Bareback After Working Out

There’s only one thing better than a raw workout to get the testosterone flowing and get you pumped and that’s working out a hot guy’s raw hole or getting yours worked out, then pumped full of testosterone; of the DNA protein variety. Tatooed blond Chris Neal already knows this so when he spots tall and handsome Daddy Colin Steele checking him out, he moves in for the kill. The muscular men are soon kissing, licking and sniffing each others pits. Feeling each other up and tweaking nipples, Chris is soon tugging at Colin’s jockstrap and whipping out his inked cock as well as Colin’s pierced monster. After some mutual dick sucking where the hungry masculine fuckers take as much meat down their throats as they can, Colin climbs aboard Chris’ face and rides his tongue for all he’s worth. Once his hole is good and sloppy with slippery spit, Colin positions himself ass up in the air on the fuck bench and gets ready for the assault. Chris lays into him, penetrating the tall man’s sphincter and tearing it up with a deep, hard, balls-deep pounding. After a while, the two men take it to the couch where Chris continues to pummel Colin before pulling out and unloading all over the freshly fucked ass. Chris shoves his cock back inside the cum-sloppy hole to milk the rest of the cum pulsing through his shaft, then Colin cleans him off with a bit of ass-to-mouth action. Seconds later, Colin pops off a load of his own while Chris runs his hand all over the stud’s chest.

Well-Hung, Tattooed Studs Chris Neal and Colin Steele Workout Raw

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Bareback Whores Jack Holden, Peter Axel and Greg York Have A Raw 3-way

Cock sluts and cum whores Peter Axel and Greg York already know bareback sex can be, if you’ll pardon the pun, loads of fun. With bald, bearded top Dad Jack Holden joining them in a no-holes barred fuck fest, Peter and Greg set out to prove that when it comes to unloading after fucking a raw hole, the more the merrier! These guys are all about the cock-to-skin connection. It’s gotta be sloppy, full of spit and raw. Peter plays with Greg and Jack as the long-haired, inked stud kisses the tall, hairy Daddy. Then, being the piglet that he is, Peter’s the first to sample Greg and Jack’s cocks, sucking on them both. All three waste very little time in sucking one another, then rimming and fingering holes before setting off on various combinations and pairings of bareback fucking that includes one hell of a hot and sweaty sandwich with Greg supporting the weight of both, Peter and Jack. The hungry burly men rut like the true pigs that they are, getting Peter and Greg’s holes sloppy with spit and cum as they all erupt with gushing loads of manjuice.

Bareback Sex Trio Jack Holden, Peter Axel and Greg York

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Bareback Sex Pig Sage Daniels Tops Bottom Dad Tom Trojan

Like some intergenerational sex with Daddy/Son roleplaying? Then check out this scene with bareback sex pig Sage Daniels and bottom dad Tom Trojan. He’s a hungry cum slut with a penchant for younger men who like to use a hole that’s still nice and tight! After servicing Sage for a while, Tom climbs on Sage and fucks his face. The tanned Daddy’s big, floppy balls sway to and fro as Sage gets skullfucked. Meanwhile, fingering Tom’s ass, Sage jerks off then rims the Daddy’s hole before mounting it. Sage thrusts and, with one push, penetrates Tom and sinks into the warm, moist entrance. Sage grabs Tom by the hips and pounds him hard. Tom begs for more, gets flipped on his back, and Sage really pumps him then! He barebacks Tom long, deep and hard until he pops a load that spews all over the freshly fucked hole. Sage milks the last of his cum inside Tom, seeding his Daddy as Tom uses some of Sage’s splattered juice as lube. Stroking, Tom rips out a huge sloppy load and winds up giving himself, Sage, and even the cameraman, a bit of a cum bath.

Intergenerational Bareback Fuck With Sage Daniels and Tom Trojan

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Butch Bloom Plucked and Fucked Bareback by Kasey Anthony

Kasey Anthony and Butch Bloom are making out quite heavily when this scene opens. After swapping spit, Butch sniffs and licks at Kasey’s pits as the do-rag-wearing slim Rican eyes Butch’s hot and meaty little ass. Like most Latinos, Kasey’s all about the dick; whether he’s getting it or giving it. And just like all his brethren, Kasey can’t resist a bubble butt. Kasey bends over the compact and beefy bareback bottom, exposes the puckered entrance and goes to town with his big long tongue buried deep inside Butch’s man-snatch. After spit-lubing the very willing and eager fuckhole, Kasey slides his uncut dick into Butch and makes the sex pig squeal with hard, deep thrusts. Butch is in slop heaven as he takes a seat on Kasey lap and rides the raw meatpole like his life depended on it. Working his up and down, with long hard strokes, Butch jerks off and shoots his load on Kasey. Still hungry and needing cum, Butch gets off Kasey and savors his own balljuice. Meanwhile, aroused beyond the point of no return, Kasey nutts all over himself as he watches Butch slurping up his own load, giving the eager bottom yet more cum to eat.

Kasey Anthony Rides Butch Bloom Raw

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