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Bareback Flip Fucking with Hung Sex Pigs Chris Neal and Jake Wetmore

Tattooed sex pig Chris Neal has a big dick. But so does big and beefy, burly Jake Wetmore. This is one hot mother fucker with ink everywhere and hair in all the right places. The two men are a winning combination and they seem to think so as well! As the scene opens, Chris and Jake are feverishly sucking the others cock in a hot 69. Guess they were trying to figure out who was going to make whom succumb and give his hole up first. From cock sucking, the two masculine men easily slip into a sloppy rimming session, fingers and tongues working pink, puffy holes as they stretch and lube them up with sweat and spit. Chris gets to top first, sliding his inked cock into the big hairy stud’s butt, pumping him and making him moan like a whore. Chris pummels the hell out of the masculine, hairy man with the tats and piercings. Soon, however, Jake turns the tables and throws Chris on his back. Jake throws a mean bareback fuck into Chris and gives it to him equally hard and deep, if not harder! Chris just takes it, as painful as it is, because the meat being crammed deep inside his chute feel so fucking good! Jake fucks Chris throughout the bed before finally getting him on all fours and making him squeal like a pig as they both erupt with huge loads that cover each other. And what are tongues for if not to make sure all that cum doesn’t go to waste? They taste, clean up, and share hot man juice in a cum-filled kiss.

Bareback Pigs With Big Dicks Chris Neal and Jake Wetmore Flip Fuck

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Bareback Flip Fucking with Colin Steele and Peter Axel

Beefy muscle bear Peter Axel is in for a big surprise. A very big surprise. Colin Steele stands at more than a foot above Peter and the burly sex pig is anxious to prove that they bigger they are, the harder they fall! As the scene opens, cock-hungry Peter’s already on all fours giving Colin’s pierced cock some much-needed dick service. Hairy, muscled Peter gorges himself on Colin’s beefy fuckpole and, after a while, the two rim each other in a 69 position, trying to best the other and make them weak. But Colin flips Peter on his back and, having already primed the hairy hole, relentlessly fucks and pounds the gaping bottom until he’s squealing like a stuck pig. Coin leaves Peter exhausted, breathless, and all but used up. However, the greedy cum whore is ready for more and surprises Colin by flipping the tall, muscle man on his back for a taste of his own bareback medicine! Peter buries his raw thick cock in Colin’s bare hole, power fucking him with a frenzy. But after a while, Colin’s got Peter off him and on all fours, mounted and fucked like a dog, using his own jockstrap as a reign. While ramming the compact, beefy masculine bottom Colin pulls out and shoots his load all over Peter’s hole. Then he shoves his cock back up inside the sloppy cum hole and and finishes to breed him with the rest of his load while hungry Peter milks his shaft.

Colin Steele and Peter Axel Bareback Flip Fuck

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Bald Top Dad Jack Holden Barebacks Greg York

Blond, long-haired and tattooed Greg York is one of the most versatile and piggest bareback whores we’ve ever come across. In this scene, he’s paired up with bald top dad Jack Holden and Greg just couldn’t wait to get that huge raw cock up his hairy hole!. After kissing, groping and making out, Greg starts servicing Jack’s meaty tool. He’s got to open his mouth pretty wide, too! Meanwhile, Jack gets into sucking Greg’s dick then rims his well-used hole, prepping it for a deep raw fuck. The pleasure on Greg’s face is evident as Jack slides his fat cut dick balls deep up Greg’s ass. The long-haired blond gets his legs spread wide and his holes stretched even wider as Jack fucks him relentlessly, pounding him until he fires off a thick gooey load. But this top dad doesn’t lose his erection after he cums. He just keeps on screwing. First, Greg takes it doggy style then rides Jack like a cowboy, until he spurts out a load of his own. Jack laps it all up, tasting the drippings from Greg’s dick before ending the scene with a cum-filled kiss which he shares with Greg.

Greg York Fucked Hard by Bald Top Dad Jack Holden

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Bareback Bottom Butch Bloom Fucked by Sex Pig Sage Daniels

When Sage Daniels and Butch Bloom found out they were being paired up for this scene from Bareback That Hole, both got hornier than a sailor on shore leave. Butch because he wasn’t sure if he’d measure up to such a bareback sex pig like Sage Daniels and Sage because, well, let’s face, he loves taking hold of bareback sex pig in training. There’s just something about knowing that the blossoming pig destined to be a whore does so at your hands. So when the time to film came, Butch was already on all fours, like a good dog, his face buried Sage’s jockstrap. He worked that hard cock like it was a beefy bone! Sage then took his turn at Butch’s cock and the tattooed, dark-haired stud soon wound up with his face buried in Butch’s crack, his tongue spit-lubing the pink fuckhole he was soon going to penetrate. Butch straddled Sage and rode his cock until his hole was raw. But he didn’t back down. Instead, Sage pushed him onto his back and rammed Butch mercilessly, making that sweet, battered hole his own. After a while, he rolled Butch onto his stomach and it wasn’t long before he pulled out and showed us his load spurting all over Butch’s gaping hole. But Sage saved managed to hold back and saved some for some deep breeding, which Butch milked down to the very last drop. Sage greedily sucked the rest of the cum out of Butch, felching the freshly fucked hole then sharing it in a sloppy snowball kiss. With his balls aching, Butch straddled Sage and rode his raw cock until he blew a chunky load of cum that spewed all over Sage’s belly. Butch gobbled it up and shared it all with Sage as they embraced tenderly.

Bareback Sex Pig Sage Daniels Tops Butch Bloom

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