Tommy Deluca and Dani West

Dani West wastes little time getting down to the business of sucking Tommy Deluca's massive cock. Dani is no small fry and soon offers up his own cock for Tommy to return the oral favor. However, Dani is more of a bottom than anything else and would rather have Tommy's tongue up his ass. He presents his beefy hairy hole and Tommy devours the puckered starburst like a fine morsel meant to be savored. Tommy patiently works that big fat monster cock inside Dani, stretching the bearded hairy fucker's hole. Once Tommy taps out, the entire throbbing length of his shaft buried balls deep, Tommy goes to town, bareback fucking the bearded cock hungry bottom. Tommy is rough — at times brutal and merciless — pounding away at Dani, who only encourages Tommy to fuck harder. After a while, Dani straddles Tommy, impaling himself on the massive tool and fucking himself as he bounces up and down but Tommy needs to drive. He flips Dani on his back, legs up in the air and spread wide, pummeling the hairy hole and filling it full of meat before pulling out to spray a huge load, some of which he feeds to Dani. The bearded bottom whore feeds on Tommy's jizz, tasting his own ass juices before Tommy shoves his still-hard cock back inside Dani to fuck a huge load of cum out of the sweaty, hairy bottom. And then they tell us what they liked most of their raw encounter. Smoking hot!

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Sam Green and Danny Blue

Fuck buddies Danny Blue and Sam Green are horned up and so anxious for cock they didn't bother waiting for us to get the cameras rolling. Skipping all foreplay, they get down to the frenzied business of sucking cock, with tall, slender Danny sucking Sam's huge fat cock and cum-heavy balls, first. The curly-haired blond trades places with Danny, sucking his cock then turning him around to rim his hungry ass, tongue-fucking and spit-lubing the pig's ass before slipping that big fat piece of meat inside Danny and fucking him raw. But after a while it's clear they need a bit more spit as neither is all that fond of lube. After all, when the most natural lube is spit, why waste it? The two repeatedly trade blow jobs, rimming and finger fucking before once again attempting a balls deep bareback fuck. Sam pounds away, emptying his humongous balls and breeding Danny, who then pushes the load out to satisfy our perverse pleasures. Moments later, with cum still dribbling and drooling out of his hole, Danny takes Sam for a test drive, bareback fucking the meaty blond before trading off once again. Just like with their dick sucking, Sam and Danny keep trading off, flip fucking repeatedly, like the true versatile pigs that they are.

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Brian Bonds and Ray Diesel

You know those horny moments when you're in such need to get off you do away with the business of making out? That's how Brian Bonds and Ray Diesel were when they got together to fuck for us in front of the camera. No kissing. No making out. No nipple play. Just good old-fashioned cock sucking and butt fucking. Ray slurps away at Brian's cock, choking on his white meat. Guess he doesn't suck enough cock. Then again, with the size of that big brown monster between his legs, Ray doesn't need to suck unless he wants to. He quickly moves from sucking dick to rimming ass, burying his face in Brian's crack and tongue fucking the sweet hole, priming Brian for a D-E-E-P penetration. But spit isn't enough so Ray slicks his long fat monster cock with lube and slides home in one fell swoop. Brian moans with the lust that can only come from the pleasure-pain of getting taken, spit on and bareback fucked like a complete whore. In fact, he takes one of the deepest, roughest fucks we’ve ever seen and he handles it like a pro, owning Ray's big black cock the way Ray owns his white ass. Brian gets even piggier when he pulls off Ray's cock and downs that puppy for some ass-to-mouth cock sucking! As they devolve from humans into animals, rutting like pigs, Ray wrecks Brian's hole, bareback fucking the beefy, hairy blond bottom all over that bed and even on the floor. Ray fucks the cum out of Brian before delivering an enormous, juicy wet load all over Brian's sloppy ass, pushing all that jizz inside and seeding the lucky bastard.

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Christian Matthews and Dusty Williams

Sometimes a scene starts to unfold before our very eyes, even before the cameras start rolling. That's what happened with bareback sex pigs Christian Matthew and Dusty Williams. These two couldn't keep their hands off each other and even though we asked them not to get started until we gave them the green light, they were so horned up they started sucking cock right away. We open mid-cocksuck, as Christian and Dusty trade blowjobs and make out. The hairy fuckers rim each other long enough to apply just the right amount of spit for lube. Dusty straddles tattooed Christian, impales himself on the fat dick and stars riding, bouncing up and down like a good, eager little slut. But Christian starts pumping, thrusting upwards and pounding the hell out of Dusty, who clearly loves every throbbing, hole stretching inch of Christian's tool. Dusty takes everything sex-crazed Christian can deliver, from getting fucked doggy-style on the bed, to getting slammed at the edge of the bed, and getting his face fucked ass-to-mouth before being rolled onto his belly, ass up in the air, and taking even more raw cock balls deep inside that hungry fuckhole.

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Topher Michels and Geoff Gregorio

Topher Michels and Geoff Gregorio are into sweat, manscents, raw cock and cum loads. But these are just a few of their favorite things. The bearded hairy sex pigs, already stripped down to their underwear, take turns sucking each other. We're talking to hungry cock sucking pigs down for deep throat, ball worship and, eventually, a mouth watering 69 session that'll leave you drooling. Tattooed Topher rims Geoff before sliding his raw cock balls deep inside and fucking the horny otter. The two then flip fuck, with bearded Geoff riding Topher’s tight hole raw. We'd like to suggest you put on headphones for this one because not only do they get loud, Topher and Geoff talk dirty, all the while grunting like wounded animals. Putting on headphones, or slipping earbuds into place will make you feel like you're actually there! Geoff fucks the cum out of Topher, making him cry out, before pulling out and spraying a huge load of protein all over Topher’s freshly fucked, gaping hole, seeding the manwhore and taking ownership of the cum hungry slut.

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