Brian Bonds – Vegas After Dark

When you're on set filming porn, anything can happen. Nothing matters except for what's going on in front of the camera, which can make for an interesting experience. And sometimes, after a long day of filming, models need to blow off steam. That's exactly what happened during our last shoot. Except it wasn't just about de-stressing. It was about Brian Bonds being so horned up he couldn't get enough cock. He needed more and more sex. A bit like being overly tired, when you're so tired you can't fall asleep. So, after most of us had gone to bed, after our equipment had been stowed, several models whipped out their cell phones and captured Brian in a spontaneous bareback adventure with Topher Michels, Mason Lear, and towards the tail end — Brian's end, that is — Sebastian Sax in what can only be called a porn noir guerilla-style filming, complete with a realistic impromptu sexual perversion all it's own.

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Nate Stetson and Stephen Harte

You can always tell a true cock whore who lives to satisfy his craving of dick and jizz. Stephen Harte is such a cock whore. The tall, bald and bearded otter is paired with hung, mustached newcomer Nate Stetson. The two take turns sucking each other and making out before tattooed Stephen gives up his trim little ass for Nate to devour. The blond Southern man then slides his raw cock inside Stephen and starts to fuck. He might start off gentle but Nate is NO gentleman when it comes to fucking bareback. He goes for a long while, rockin' steady before Stephen goes for some ass-to-mouth. After tasting his own ass juices on Nate's slimy cock, Stephen rides Nate raw, bouncing up and down. He milks the throbbing shaft until Nate is ready to unload, draining his big balls, seeding and breeding the cum hungry whore, who blows his own load all over Nate's chest. Be sure to see the scene through to the end to find out what they each thought of their fuck session!

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Brian Bonds and Tyler Reed

Watching a scene he filmed with Brian Bonds brings back fond horny memories for Tyler Reed. When the beefy blond bareback bottom walks in on one of our favorite daddies, the two reminisce, but only briefly. They're soon reliving their chemistry as they make out and suck cock. But as Tyler knows, what Brian loves most is raw cock pounding away at his stretched fuck hole. So Tyler gives the bareback slut what he loves and wants most…Tyler's cock. Deep and hard, to the point where we thought that damn bed was going to break! That's how rough Tyler gave it to Brian, who took every inch as they worked up a sweat and got ready to blow.

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Anthony Grey and Mickey Carpathio

Mickey Carpathio might be compact but this is one daddy who knows how to handle a hungry hole. Just ask Anthony Grey. The tattooed, pierced and bearded hottie gets more than his fair share of raw daddy cock. When he's not sucking on it, getting his face fucked, or having his hole primed full of spit, Anthony gets fucked balls deep, his hole stretched and pounded by the the otter daddy who knows exactly what buttons to push. And you know that ass-to-mouth action? Well, what about freshly fucked hole-to-mouth action? Using nothing but spit, Mickey takes ownership of Anthony's sweet ass, taking turns between bareback fucking the wanton bottom, rimming his hole, then back to bareback fucking. This is white-on-black bareback action at it's most mentally intense, building in intensity until Mickey can't hold back any longer. That's when the true cum hound in Anthony comes out and he milks his white daddy for all he's worth before unleashing a huge load of jizz which he feeds to Mickey. Now THAT'S tasty!

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Mickey Carpathio, Tancredo Buff and Saul Leinad

Mickey Carpathio is looking for a new job and the two men conducting the interview are none other than Saul Leinad and Tancredo Buff. Bald and bearded Mickey is petite compared to Saul and Tancredo and they put him through the ringer, testing both Mickey's oral skills and anal. We don't know what job Mickey has applied for but frankly, when you're caught between a rock and hard place, does it matter? Mickey is offered not just one, but TWO huge cocks, including Saul's uncut monster. The petite white man clearly knows how to handle cock and the fact that it's Latino and Blatino meat, sends Mickey into a frenzy as they spit roast and tag team eager Mickey repeatedly, all while spewing a litany of dirty talk, much of it in Spanish, detailing the perversions in the scene. We're talking 30 minutes of daddy-on-daddy monster cock sucking, rimming, balls deep bareback fucking and thick juicy daddy loads. Think you can handle it?

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